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  • 2018-01-25T07:00:16Z
    • Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research 42 (2011) 661-687 Submitted 05/11; published 12/11 Finding Consensus Bayesian Network Structures Jose M. Peña ADIT Department of Computer and Information Science Linköping University SE-5818
    Entities: W. H. Freeman, ∪ ρWBα, A. J., D. K., ⊆ ∩mi=1I(Giα), Case 4, Jackson et al, Jose M. Peña, Appendix A., Statistical Science, Appendix A. Proofs, Case 2 Method, Wi, Theorem 4, Method, rA, G, ⊆, C., A., Dag Sonntag, Cij, C. Finding Optimal Bayesian Networks, PaG(B, Greedy Search, Note, Method B(G, Maynard-Reid II, C. Large-Sample Learning, W, Ci, Method G2H, Method G2H’s, Bibliography, B ⊥ GjαPreα(B, Wellman, Cij 6⊥C3Eij, L, D. M. Optimal, G., O(mnb, Method B, Method A2(G, Selecting Causal, I(H, Geiger, Z ⊂ VL, Proof, J. M., Nilsson, M. Bayesian Networks, Vj}., PaGjα(B, C ′, Zidek, H. Let Gα, J, X, Z, Abramson, Statistical Models, CENIIT, L2, Construct, Kullback-Leibler, Method B2(G, Machine Learning, F. Some NP-Complete Problems, Theorem 2, Percolate Z, Giα of each G, J. M. On, Vi, Gα, I(H ′, Bayesian, Matzkevich, D. M., R. R., W ∪ ρWBi+1 .6, Percolate, Gi, Method A., Jackson, ρAXi+1 ∪X, Method A(G, J. D., Vj, Journal, A⊥GiPreα(A, Jens D. Nielsen, X⊥GY|Z., B. An, Gm, PaG(M, HL, G. 2, Giα, I(p(VL, C. Finally, J. M., Lemma 1, ′, Case, Gn, G. Specifically, G. Now, Thms, R. A. Combining Location, Nielsen, Richardson, Gij, Consensus Belief, B. N., S. An Application of Formal Argumentation, Giα of each, Björkegren, Remove K, C. Graphical Models, M. P. Graphical Representations, A⊥ GPreα(A, Gavril, ∅, G. Note, C. Chickering et al , Knowledge-Based Systems, J. & Moral, D /∈, For i =, the Combination of, Markov, of H., SET, PaGα(A, K,L, of Chickering et al, Construct β(H, Ng, Z ∪, DAG, Proceedings of the Eighteenth Conference on Uncertainty, Z /∈ S., B. Probabilistic Multi-Knowledge-Base Systems, Koller & Friedman, N. & Koller, D. & Meek, Description of Conditional Independence Structures, Assist, Y /∈ S., Method B2, G, Bayesian Networks, D., A., G and, I(pi, Identification, I(G, Z., DAG over VL, Methods A, C, Chickering & Meek, Friedman, Case 2.1, S-active, Journal of Applied Intelligence, Pennock & Wellman, Matzkevich and Abramson, FEEDBACK ARC SET, Sagrado, the MDI, Department of Computer and Information Science Linköping University, Completeness, Local Optima in Learning Bayesian Networks, Intelligent Systems, C to C, G Interchange, K →M, Matzkevich and Abramson (1992, 1993b), Meek, ρAXi+1, Target, ρADα, The Annals of Statistics, VL, U. Agregating Learned Probabilistic Beliefs, W, AF, DAG in Section 3, Nielsen & Parsons, Case 2.3.2, B., Maynard-Reid II, L, Maynard-Reid II & Chajewska, MDI, Garey & Johnson, Method B, Carnegie Mellon Unversity, I(H, Journal of Machine Learning Research, ARC, H), ρWBi+1, Z ⊂ VL, Giα of, O(an3, ∪X, Remove L, Methods B and B2, S′., D. M. & Meek, J, X, J, L), ρABi+1, ∪mi=1PaGiα(B, Proceedings of the Ninth Conference Conference on Uncertainty, A→ B, Abramson, Gα then W, Proceedings of, Fusion of Bayes Nets, P. Learning with Knowledge, Nodes, Construct, Studený & Bouckaert, S. H. & Parsons, J. Probabilistic Reasoning, S. Qualitative Combination, NP, Artificial Intelligence, C,, PaG(A, J. V. Combining Probability Distributions, MIT Press, J. & Tegnér, Pearl, Journal of Machine Learning Research, Proving, International Journal of Intelligent Systems, M, of H. Moreover, C3, G relative, D. M. & Wellman, A→ C, D.7 For the, Proceedings of the Eleventh Conference on Uncertainty, B. Note, Genest, M. & Johnson, B. Deriving, Data Efficient, A⊥MPreα(A, Matzkevich, I. & Abramson, Artificial Intelligence Research 42 (, Pennock, Graphs, Chain Graph Models, Fij, DAG G, BN, SE-58183 Linköping, IEEE Computational Systems Bioinformatics Conference, k−1, Z in G Interchange, Bayesian, M. A Transformational Characterization of Equivalent Bayesian Network Structures, |B|, G and H, 50:95-12, 2003, AX, Kočka, I(p(HL,VL, Bij, Percolate, Aluru, S. & Schnable, AB, Peña, the Seventeenth Conference in Uncertainty, the Center for Industrial Information Technology, T. & Pearl, K, X⊥GYW|Z (Chickering & Meek, G. Interchange L, P. & Chajewska, Systems, K.-C. & Abramson, FEEDBACK, P. S. Consensus Genetic Maps, View of Chain Graphs, R., PaGi(Z)\PaGi(Y, Information Sciences, Z ⊆ U. Given, I(Gi+1, i+1, Nielsen and Parsons, Z in β, C. & Zidek, B. Some Complexity Considerations, the Fifteenth Conference on Uncertainty, Gm, T. & Peña, FEEDBACK ARC SET, Bij 6⊥C2Fij, J. Identifying Independence, Finding Consensus Bayesian Network, Principled Discovery of Genetic Regulatory Network Models, Expression Data, Pennock and Wellman, Linköping University, LEARN, T. S. & Young, CONSENSUS, Bayesian About Network Structure, PaGjα(B)|PaGjα(B, Richardson & Domingos, D. & Friedman, Multiple Experts, Finding Consensus Bayesian Network Structures, ←W, S, Gn, M. & Bouckaert, International Journal of Approximate Reasoning, T. & Nielsen, Cases 2.1, U, L of LEARN, Matzkevich & Abramson, N. Probabilistic Graphical Models, AI Access Foundation, ρ′, NP-Hard, ρY Bi+1, I(L, Verma, D. Computers, Submitted 05/11, C2, Matzkevich and Abramson, DAG G over VL, Moral, Techniques, Belief Network Relative , V. A, Vj, i+1, Y ∈ S, Gα. Assume, X⊥GY|Z., D /∈ S, O(n2, Thm, Theorem 2, HL, ∩mi=1I(Gi, Z∪ρZBi+1, Hereinafter, I(p(VL, S′, Theorem, D, Garey, G. Interchange, Hij, L, Gi+1, G., PaGjα(B)|PaGjα(B, Domingos, ∪, Jaakkola, Critique, C. Note, XY, ∩3i=1I(Li, G, S, Unfor-, Thms, C., I(pi, Koller, Nielsen, Richardson, Gi, I(G, Hartemink, G1, Graph, Z., Z, Eij, Bi+1, L1, Friedman, S-active, Heckerman, Chajewska, Construct, Z ∈ S., L2, Networks, Gifford, ρABi+1.3, Gα., Approach
  • 2018-01-25T06:57:30Z
    • International Journal of Network Security, Vol.19, No.2, PP.295-312, Mar. 2017 (DOI: 10.6633/IJNS.201703.19(2).14) 295 SecureCoin: A Robust Secure and Efficient Protocol for Anonymous Bitcoin Ecosystem Maged Hamada Ibrahim (Corresponding author: Maged Hamada
    Entities: R. J. Lambert, Maged Hamada, D∗i, R. Gennaro, Iin∗}., S. Goldwasser, ASIACRYPT’00, Each, M2, Zq, I. I. Ibrahim, M. Kroigaard, A. J. Menezes, B. Pfitzmann, Step 7., Weierstrass, F. Reid, Destination Addresses, A. Pfitzmann, A., ESORICS’14, g(x, Binary, Cryptographic, Step 8, S. Vanstone, M. Harrigan, Step 1, M. Pomarole, SecureCoin(n, K. Wehrle, Joint zero, Anonymous Bitcoin, Apr., S. A. Vanstone, R(0, Pi, Saboteur, M. Green, Chaums, kG, M. Qu, A. Wigderson, A. M. Antonopoulos, g(i, J. A. Kroll, A. Juels, C. A. Neff, E. Androulaki, ∈R Z∗q, T. P. Pedersen, J. Bar-Ilan, M. Abe, Domain Parameters, ′(i)[m+rS(i)]+Z(i, M. Henze, KB, r(x, J. Camenisch, Threshold, P. Syverson, J. Furukawa, G. Jordan, Shared Secrets, M. Kohlweiss, R. P. Gallant, Pn, Android OS V2.3, C. Fournet, S. Meiklejohn, I. Miers, H. Krawczyk, G. Danezis, R. Dingledine, J. B. Nielsen, Processes Bitcoin, C(0, Destination, Step 2, Privacy, EC Pedersen, K. Sako, F. Grossmann, E. R. Berlekamp, Bitcoin, Mix-network, Bytes3, M. Ben-Or, K. Levchenko, r(i, Step 4, H. Corrigan-Gibbs, A. Mityagin, A. Kate, G. M. Voelker, M. Jakobsson, S. Goldfeder, S. Jarecki, Hamada Ibrahim, B. Ford, I. Ingemarsson, Elliptic Curve Digital Signature, Feldman, E. Tromer, ePrint Archive, E. B. Sasson, Z∗q, Pedersen, G. Secrecy, M. V. Zerocash, Destination Addresses OczioCm, A. Chiesa, M. Geisler, Zerocoin, I.e., P.O.,, P. Moreno-Sanchez, Dun, Helwan, B ⊂ P, G. O. Karame, A. Miller, C. Garman, D. McCoy, J. Clark, Fp, RIPEMD-160, Problem, R. Welch, Shamir, EC Feldman, Computing, G. J. Simmons, A. Narayanan, E. W. Felten, I. A. Ali, A. D. Rubin, Pj, Mastering Bitcoin, x3, x2 −, N. Mathewson, S. Blake-Wilson, Lagrange, S. Capkun, M. H. Ibrahim, G. Maxwell, J. H. Ziegeldorf , Honest, International Journal of Network Security, Coinshuffle, ” International Journal of Network Security, PP.295-312, A.H., ≥, bjH, i=2, K(i)G, Bitcoin Components, Input, Unlocking Digital Cryptocurrencies, n, T. Scherer, I. Damgard, DSA/ECDSA, Standardized, kP, ” Journal of Cryptology, PA, The Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm, XBT, An Analysis of Anonymity, US Patent 4,633,470, Complaints, Aggregated Temporary Deposit, Technical Report, Correctness/, 8] D. Chaum, JR-VSS, Media, Inc., 6] J. Bonneau, SM, x2 − x1, Pi, T. Ruffing, ACM, n/2, JVR, Stage 2, k1 and k2, J. A Solinas, EC Computation, JVM, DOI, Certicom Research, CoinParty, JZ-VSS, The Linkability/Traceability, nx−−→ A. Notice, Distinction, A (n+n∗)x−−−−−→, Google Patents, JR-SS, Berlekamp-Welch, ns)(256, SEC, IACR Cryptology, Honor’s Degree, MA, JZ-SS, EC, Systems, Efficient Cryptography, Coins, q. A, Onion Router, Proceedings of the Eighteenth, ” Journal of Cryptology, JR, Hamming, Anonymity for, VSS, Dj, K ′(x, Helwan University, Proceedings of the, Springer Science & Business Media, IEEE Annual Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science, C, Pedersen-VSS, Computers, Faculty of Engineering, ajG, Bitcoin, ∑n, JZ, S. Sav-, CCA, ZeroCoin, SecureCoin Table, Unconditional, SMC, CoinSuffle, Distribution, j=1, Computer Security, Berlekamp, Data Security, Dn<3, l,.1"-'—‘A, Protection, Owing, Communi-, NS, Bitcoin Forum, k−1, Stage 1, SM: Scalar Multiplication, Indistinguishability of Participating Peers, Computation Time Let MM, Application Security, Shamirs, HTC-Desire) Operation Computation, Pi may, i=1 siG, N, the CoinShuffle, Advances, SecureCoin, Bytes, the Berlekamp-Welch, Notice, Proceedings of, D., 6.1.2 Joint Deposit of, Completeness, Fp, 0.5n)(4, Data, the JR-SS, Computing, SM op-, ” International Journal of Network, IND, Indistinguishability of Blockchains, Party, Point, Department of Electronics, Communications, Advances in Cryptology (CRYPTO’01, siG, Computers Engineering, Pj, D1, Distributed Com-, Shuffle, Guide, Proofs, DSS, Lagrange, Pedersens, |v, Exist, Assume, CoinShuffle, Efficient Cryptography Group , x1, Cairo, SecureCoin, M.Sc, Bytes, Zq, Helwan, Mixcoin, ∑t, B. Parno, Vol.19, Egypt, jj−i, Gi, Fp, A. Denia-, A., Bitcoin Privacy, B.Sc., N. Inden, I1, Financial, P3, − m2, S(l).$(2).$(5, Pinocchio, M. Roeschlin, Sherif, i=1, JR, NIST, MixCoin, t+1, Proofs, Springer, Pedersen, Aslo, Z(0, US, P2, Privacy , #E(Fp)
  • 2018-01-25T06:56:56Z
    • Secure and Anonymous Decentralized Bitcoin Mixing Jan Henrik Ziegeldorf∗, Roman Matzutt, Martin Henze, Fred Grossmann, Klaus Wehrle Communication and Distributed Systems (COMSYS), RWTH Aachen University, Ahornstrasse 55, 52074 Aachen, Germany Abstract The
    Entities: Kk, Zerocoin, Mixing, al, Mix, Ui, Oπ, Eds, x3, E. W., ZeroCoins, C., Loebenberger, Jan Henrik Ziegeldorf, Multiply, Pedersen, EcDkg, M2 M3M1, Mix +, Secure, Lindell, kG. Repeat, Bitcoin, Danny, Reid, Gennaro, Bitcoin Wiki, Disqualify, Problem Statement, Kroll, Ci, Mm, Hiller, Network Traffic, Transactions, −, Generator G, Ron, Shi, ThresholdECDSA, D. V., Ladar Levinson, Mastercoin, Ed, ZeroCoin, Size, S i(x, Shamir, J., j]i, JOπi−1◦, Yang, Huang, Kate, User U, ZeroCash, Dski, Picco, Bob, VIFF, fa(m, Kohlweiss, Solomon, G., Normal Bitcoin, J. H., πlex(S m+1, Ozisik, O′1, Pastro, Anonymous Decentralized Bitcoin, Commitment, An Analysis, K. R., L., Blindcoin, Felten, Mapping, Forum Post, Ibrahim, Brickell, HotPETS, j∈Q S, Securing, R. J., Blame, Identify, Cloud Setup, Passive, x1, siG, j∈Q s, Set, Commit, Rabin, JO′mKKi+1:Km, Rogaway, Roman Matzutt, I.3 Recombine, D. L.,, N., A. P., Breuker, E., Broadcast Ci, X., Liu, Recombine([s j]i, Authors’, J. A., I1, I., secp256k1, E. Z., Pinkas, Anonymous Distributed E-Cash, K1, Danny Mix, Jan Henrik Ziegeldorf∗, Andresen, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, Recombine, Moreno-Sanchez, M. K., Alice, bitcoin/., Loebenberger, Welch-Berlekamp, Litecoin, Recombine([ski, ′, Levine, ∑m+1i=1 Ci, F., Harrigan, Sharing Secrets, (, C′i+1, Welch, Mann, Ben-Or, V., Y., r[d j]i, V., Scholl, Subprotocol, S i+1, K., Km, Decentralized Coin, Lagrange, m/4, [s′j]i, Ben-Sasson, Finite Fields, Fred Grossmann, A., Steele, CoinJoin,, Wang, Mk, MacKenzie, M., Larraia, Moser, Ci+1, B. N., Bissias, Threshold Signatures, Hash(Oπ, Keller, Nita-Rotaru, Commun, Zerocash, ◦, Check, Hoffman, Miers, Mi, j]iH, Martin Henze, Blind Bitcoin , Discussion of System Properties, ACM Comput, Mayes, Chaum’s, Polynomial Codes, Share, the Random Modular Subset Sum, s′1]i, J., Shmatikov, Bitcoin Fog Reviews, al, Nakamoto, CoinParty’s, the Electronic Society, BitLaundry, Systems, ZeroCoins, CC, Transaction, Distributed, F (x1, r]i, STOC, Feasibility, Narayanan, A.,, S U, Accountable Anonymous Group Messaging, COMSYS, DoS, S, m/2, EcDkg, Corrigan-Gibbs, Computer Security – ESORICS 2013, H., Reed, Maxwell, First, Generator G of Elliptic Curve PE, Twisted Software, Quantitative Analysis, the misbehaving, the Bitcoin Network, Berlekamp, Computer &, C̄i+1, Bitcoin, Mi′, Enmax, Mixing Services, Zero-Knowledge Proofs, CoinSplitter, B.7, Malicious Mixing Peers, Generate, Party’s, CoinShuffle, Microsoft, R., P., The Parity Problem, Pinocchio, Butler, Section, Usenix Security., Zp[X, M., SMC Definitions, Approach Correctness Anonymity Deniability Scalability Costs Applic, Shuffle, Party,, ZeroCoin, d]i ←, F., Zanero, Add, U j. First, Computer Science., Goldfeder, S., Bonneau, Transaction Phase, LTS, McDaniel, Draw, Recombine([C, Completeness, Bitcoin Using, Springer-Verlag, 0.1 0.2,, Privacy (S & P, U, Anonymity Level, Cm+1, u−1, ≥, Invoke ThresholdECDSA, Shuffle Phase, PE, Proceedings of the First ACM Workshop on Language Support for, DSA,, Bitcoin Charts, Protocol Initialization, Share(Hash(JO, A n o n y m it, ZKPs, the Virtual Ideal Functionality Framework, b]i, Androulaki, Shelat, A., Shen, C.-H., ν′, CoinSwap, Moving Privacy-Sensitive Services, Non-Interactive and Information-Theoretic Secure Verifiable Secret Sharing, Goldfeder, S., Application Security, TLS, To ta l r un, Appendix A, Efficient Anonymity-Preserving Data Collection, Ford, J. Cryptol, Transform, Ibrahim, Denial of Service (DoS, ′i+1, Intelligence, Kalodner, H., Secure Two-Party Computation, Pi, En, Cryptographic, DKG, Privacy-Preserving Data Mining, x1, FC, Narayanan, Future Generation Computer Systems, the Subset Sum Problem, Output:, K j)←, Ci+2, Trans, Bohme, US Patent 4,633,470, SMC, m/3, AES, Lavabit, M, JO j=1, Elliptic, s′1, Applicability & Usability CoinParty, Results, Z2q, Ū, Bitcoin Fog, Mood, H), Cni+1, S., Krawczyk, H., Oblivm, Recover Phase, Appendix B, Twisted, Princeton University, DS1, ∈R PE Output:, JO jKK1:Km, Ci+1∩C′i+1, Initilization Phase, B., Recombine, of Secure Multiparty Computation, Orthogonal Work, G,H), Guardian, ACM, Shelat, A., Centralized Mixing, A n o n y m it y s e t si ze, Lefkowitz, m/3,, Surv, Mi’s, N, IND-CCA2, VSS, Klaus Wehrle Communication, Cl, TresholdEcdsa, Perfectly-Secure Multiplication, JO, Elliptic Curve, Distributed Mixing CoinJoin, Computer Science, M., Goldwasser, S., Wigderson, A., 1988, Bitcoin Research, Security & Privacy, IMC, TX X CoinShuffle, Lagrange, E2, Invert, The Zero-Knowledge, k]i, k−1j ]i., ∑n i=1 Hash(Oi, T., D., Rigorous, CoinJoin, C ′π(1), Irish, H ∈R PE Output: Escrow, Thereby, CCS, Group TX, O4 O1, PASSAT, C ji+2, Distributed Systems, C, Initialization, I.1, Ci+1, BTC, An Analysis of Anonymity, SP, r1, Table 1, ECDSA, Commun, S., Generic SMC, S i., Commitment Phase, the Society of Industrial and Applied Mathe-, 0,M, ThresholdEcdsa, CoinParty, O′i, Pseudonymity, Mi, RWTH Aachen University, Tr, TX , Germany, London, i=1, Oπ, i+1, Transaction, Blanton, Crampton, Jarecki, DoS, Pedersen, EcDkg, Ahornstrasse, Micali, Mi′, Gennaro, O., P., Europe, Circuits, the Presence of Noise, Decoding Random Linear Codes, M., ≤, ThresholdECDSA, M.,, Zage, Mk=1, J., Prot, M., Inden, Wehrle, Cm+1, C1i+1, USA, Rowan, UK, Grossmann, US, Fig, Mm−1, L., Mixcoin, Recover, Ibrahim, Privacy, j∈Q S, Sarwate, al., Parno, Rabin, Broadcast S, ∪, Henze, Valenta, N., Multiply([a, Koshy, I., B., ∑t, Hohlfeld, Snowden, Western Europe, Comparison, Goldreich, kH, Jajodia, Aachen, π1(1)KKi+1:Km, C., Clouds, Liberatore, Central US, C′i+1, S i+1, Nayak, N′, Bandwidth, Wigderson, K., Maggi, P., Smart, C.,, w.r.t, A., T., Thereby, Share(Hash(O, MacKenzie, Ci+1, M1, NY, S., New York, Azure Cloud, Springer, Zq, Mi, Cl′, j)KKi+1:Km
  • 2018-01-25T06:56:56Z
    • Secure and Anonymous Decentralized Bitcoin Mixing Jan Henrik Ziegeldorf∗, Roman Matzutt, Martin Henze, Fred Grossmann, Klaus Wehrle Communication and Distributed Systems (COMSYS), RWTH Aachen University, Ahornstrasse 55, 52074 Aachen, Germany Abstract The
    Entities: C′i+1, J. H., Securing, Mann, Lindell, Mix, Blindcoin, Levine, Solomon, Moreno-Sanchez, Ron, Huang, [s′j]i, j]iH, Danny Mix, Ben-Or, secp256k1, A., Kohlweiss, Rabin, V., Scholl, Oπ, User U, Picco, Kroll, Commitment, Ci+1, L., Check, I1, j∈Q s, j∈Q S, M., Larraia, Moser, Mastercoin, Mapping, Reid, Threshold Signatures, Anonymous Decentralized Bitcoin, Anonymous Distributed E-Cash, Authors’, Broadcast Ci, Recombine, Pastro, Gennaro, Martin Henze, Rogaway, Passive, Pinkas, Keller, X., Liu, Km, Subprotocol, Ibrahim, ThresholdECDSA, Size, Blind Bitcoin, ZeroCoins, Breuker, Ui, Decentralized Coin, E. W., Zerocash, fa(m, V., Dski, Cloud Setup, Felten, (, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, A. P., Bissias, bitcoin/., K., ′, D. V., Ben-Sasson, K. R., B. N., Ci, Steele, Finite Fields, Mix +, Ed, E., M2 M3M1, Generator G, Forum Post, Hash(Oπ, Recombine([s j]i, Mm, m/4, G., R. J., Bitcoin, Andresen, Jan Henrik Ziegeldorf∗, Welch-Berlekamp, ZeroCoin, Set, JOπi−1◦, Brickell, N., VIFF, Commun, πlex(S m+1, Hiller, Ladar Levinson, Fred Grossmann, K1, S i(x, Jan Henrik Ziegeldorf, ◦, D. L.,, Transactions, Litecoin, Blame, Multiply, ∑m+1i=1 Ci, Secure, Kate, MacKenzie, S i+1, Nita-Rotaru, Sharing Secrets, −, EcDkg, ZeroCash, O′1, Alice, CoinJoin, J. A., Pedersen, Mk, Recombine([ski, Commit, Bitcoin Wiki, kG. Repeat, I., Bob, Zerocoin, x1, r[d j]i, Welch, Identify, HotPETS, E. Z., C., Loebenberger, J., F., Harrigan, Kk, Network Traffic, Normal Bitcoin, JO′mKKi+1:Km, Wang, Shamir, Roman Matzutt, I.3 Recombine, Miers, Mi, Loebenberger,, Disqualify, Shi, al, siG, Problem Statement, Eds, An Analysis, x3, Danny, M. K., Yang, Mixing, j]i, Lagrange, Hoffman, Y., Ozisik , P., Lefkowitz, Party’s, C̄i+1, Accountable Anonymous Group Messaging, J., Shmatikov, Tr, ≥, PE, O4 O1, Protocol Initialization, m/3,, ZKPs, Mixing Services, Privacy-Preserving Data Mining, G,H), the misbehaving, LTS, IND-CCA2,, Invoke ThresholdECDSA, Generate, Transaction Phase, DSA, ACM Comput, Nakamoto, Cryptographic, the Electronic Society, k−1j ]i., Distributed Systems, An Analysis of Anonymity, Ci+1, Butler, u−1, Chaum’s, Rigorous, Group TX, Microsoft, Bohme, m/3, Distributed, TresholdEcdsa, Enmax, ′i+1, the Random Modular Subset Sum, Princeton University, Kalodner, H., COMSYS, B., M., F., Zanero, Pi, ACM, Centralized Mixing, Bitcoin Using, Recombine, Quantitative Analysis, R., Trans, Elliptic, Results, CC, CoinParty, Privacy (S & P, DoS, Springer-Verlag, Ibrahim, CCS, r1, of Secure Multiparty Computation, DKG, BTC, Orthogonal Work, Draw, Computer &, ZeroCoins, Polynomial Codes, Pseudonymity, J. Cryptol, O′i, Approach Correctness Anonymity Deniability Scalability Costs Applic, T., Output:, ThresholdEcdsa, IMC, Systems, Non-Interactive and Information-Theoretic Secure Verifiable Secret Sharing, TX, Computer Science., TX X CoinShuffle, H ∈R PE Output: Escrow, 0,M, A n o n y m it, k]i, Proceedings of the First ACM Workshop on Language Support for, C ′π(1), Ci+1∩C′i+1, Corrigan-Gibbs, US Patent 4,633,470, Pinocchio, E2, Computer Security – ESORICS 2013, JO jKK1:Km, Narayanan, A.,, Mi’s, Denial of Service (DoS, Generic SMC, VSS, U, Maxwell, B.7, ∈R PE Output:, Klaus Wehrle Communication, The Zero-Knowledge, Guardian, F (x1, SMC Definitions, STOC, Cm+1, b]i, ECDSA, K j)←, m/2, PASSAT, Generator G of Elliptic Curve PE, Mi′, C, M., Goldwasser, S., Wigderson, A., 1988, M, Shelat, A., Shen, C.-H., JO, Z2q,, Bitcoin, r]i, RWTH Aachen University, Section, Recover Phase, U j. First, ZeroCoin, Zero-Knowledge Proofs, Initilization Phase, SMC, Initialization, s′1, Cni+1, Commun, Bitcoin Fog, Thereby, Twisted, Commitment Phase, Usenix Security., Intelligence, Surv, the Virtual Ideal Functionality Framework, DS1, Appendix A, FC, Androulaki, H., s′1]i, Elliptic Curve, Share(Hash(JO, Future Generation Computer Systems, Security & Privacy, S., EcDkg, Shelat, A., Irish, Ci+2, Efficient Anonymity-Preserving Data Collection, S i., Application Security, the Society of Industrial and Applied Mathe-, Mood, CoinJoin, 0.1 0.2, Secure Two-Party Computation, TLS, Discussion of System Properties, Bitcoin Fog Reviews, Goldfeder, S., Bonneau, Oblivm, N, Cl, Bitcoin Research, ∑n i=1 Hash(Oi, ν′, Distributed Mixing CoinJoin, AES, x1, The Parity Problem, S, Mayes, A n o n y m it y s e t si ze, CoinSwap, Feasibility, the Bitcoin Network, Recombine([C, To ta l r un, CoinSplitter, Add, SP, D., McDaniel, Completeness, Moving Privacy-Sensitive Services, I.1, S., Krawczyk, H., Twisted Software, Lavabit, Zp[X, S U, Shuffle Phase, Berlekamp, Malicious Mixing Peers, Invert, BitLaundry, Goldfeder, S., Bitcoin Charts, d]i ←, Mi, C ji+2, Party, Table 1, CoinParty’s, Transaction, al, Applicability & Usability CoinParty, Narayanan, Ū, Appendix B, Anonymity Level, Shuffle, Computer Science, Ford,, En, Lagrange, First, Perfectly-Secure Multiplication, the Subset Sum Problem, Reed, JO j=1, Share, H), CoinShuffle, Transform , C′i+1, P., Sarwate, Zq, Mixcoin, N′, al., Blanton, A., USA, Rabin, Oπ, L., Ci+1, j∈Q S, UK, Jarecki, Recover, B., M., Liberatore, C.,, Valenta, New York, Mm−1, Snowden, Gennaro, Share(Hash(O, Prot, Comparison, DoS, Ibrahim, ThresholdECDSA, O., Parno, T., M.,, M1, ∪, Koshy, Aachen, Micali, Clouds, Circuits, i=1, K., Jajodia, Fig, Springer, j)KKi+1:Km, Ahornstrasse, Cm+1, NY, kH, Mi′, Privacy, Cl′, Bandwidth, Broadcast S, i+1, P., Smart, Rowan, Goldreich, Maggi, Grossmann, Henze, ∑t, N., Germany, the Presence of Noise, Decoding Random Linear Codes, Thereby, Wigderson, Nayak, S., MacKenzie, S i+1, EcDkg, London, Hohlfeld, Pedersen, US, Wehrle, Mk=1, I., Western Europe, Central US, ≤, C1i+1, w.r.t, J., Crampton, C., Azure Cloud, Multiply([a, Europe, Mi, Transaction, π1(1)KKi+1:Km, M., Inden, Zage
  • 2018-01-25T06:54:30Z
    • CoinParty: Secure Multi-Party Mixing of Bitcoins Jan Henrik Ziegeldorf, Fred Grossmann, Martin Henze, Nicolas Inden, Klaus Wehrle Communication and Distributed Systems (COMSYS), RWTH Aachen University, Germany ABSTRACT Bitcoi
    Entities: R. Cramer, Efficient Anonymity-, Mj, Bitcoins, Forum Post, P. Moreno-Sanchez, Mm, Iji, Bitcoin, Appendix A., Sj, Shmatikov, Mix, E. Androulaki, V. Shmatikov, Blind Bitcoin, E. Ben-Sasson, Brickell, Mixing Services, Qi, SMC, H. Corrigan-Gibbs, al., VIFF, Ron, S. Zanero, A. Kate, A. Shamir, T2, F. Reid, secp256k1, diG, C., fx(1, Fred Grossmann, K1, Jan Henrik Ziegeldorf, Decentralized Coin, R. Then, Generation Bitcoin, Transactions, Litecoin, Zerocash, B. Ford, Commitment, Copyrights, Y. Ishai, S. Meiklejohn et al, M. Harrigan, Rosenfeld, Mastercoin, C. Since, Y. Guibet, E. Z. Yang, S., Scheme, F. Maggi, Nicolas Inden, Y. Lindell, R. E. OVERHEAD, S′j, I. Miers, G. Andresen, Cybercash, O′1, Alice, ZeroCash, Anonymous Distributed E-Cash, M. Ibrahim, Yang, J. Brickell, Lagrange, fx(m, B. Pinkas, Quantitative Analysis, Bitcoin Wiki, Martin Henze, G. Maxwell, Zerocoin , Honest, EC-Mul, 9] J. Bonneau et al, EKm(Oi, ≥, Accountable Anonymous Group Messaging, ZKPs, Input, Phase Processing per Mixing Peer Rounds Precomputation Commit, Appendix B, LTS, A1, Nakamoto, n−, Sj+1, Sm, An Analysis of Anonymity, Distributed Systems, Group TX, Microsoft, the VIFF SMC, m/3, Coin- Party, Applications to Secure Computation, Appendix E, the Random Modular Subset Sum, {O1, COMSYS, PROBLEM STATEMENT, ACM, the Virtual Ideal Functionality Framework, Mj, Pi re-, Km, CoinParty, DoS, T1, Yes, CCS, Section 4.1, O′i, Preserving Data Collection, IMC, EC, Klaus Wehrle Communication, TX, PKC, 0,M, Applicability, the German Research Foundation, Western, C2, Appendix C, Digital Signature, PASSAT, Secure Multi- Party Computation, Malicious Input Peers, German, I. Damg̊ard, M,, Bitcoin, RWTH Aachen University, Zero-Knowledge Proofs, m/3 of, ZeroCoin, Share Conversion, SMC, Functionality re-, VIFF, x]i, Secure Multi-Party Computation, S1, pants’, Sections 5.2, kG., the RMSS, C = ∑n, Ti, Appendix A, FC, T4, the Excellence Initiative of, of CoinParty, Pseudo-Random Secret Sharing, Security & Privacy, S5, Compatibility CoinParty, DISCUSSION OF SYSTEM PROPERTIES, Subject Descriptors, CoinJoin, Theory and Implementation, Km of, PROTOCOL DESIGN CoinParty, peers’, N, ν′, AES, x1, The Parity Problem, INPUT PEER, ︸, Confidentiality, CoinSwap, RANDOM, [Electronic Commerce, the Bitcoin Network, Secure Multi-Party Computation SMC, kiG, CoinSplitter, DFG, D., b(m−1)/3c+ 1, Journal of Privacy, C., TCP, Zp[X, Section 5.2.1, Malicious Mixing Peers, BitLaundry, S-Mul, IND, Party, Trusted Third Party, Anonymity Level, CODASPY’15, March 2–4, Mixing, Lagrange, S m., PRSS, CoinShuffle , Bandwidth, Mj, kG]j, Anonymity, San Antonio, DoS, Ibrahim, Mixcoin, Abstracting, Qi, the Presence of Noise, x]i, Germany, USA, Twisted, Eastern US, JO′1KKj+1:Km, ν1,, I1, Europe, Precomputing, al, Request, Texas, JO′mKKj+1:Km, Circuits, MixCoin, Springer, ′i, US, JOi=1
  • 2018-01-25T06:54:06Z
    • Procurer Cryptographic Algorithms Lifecycle REPORT 2016 Cryptographic algorithms lifecycle report 2016 Research report Version 3.0 June 22, 2016 81 pages Doc. A-101-3 Project leaders: Kaur Kullman (Estonian Information System Authority) Mari Seeba
    Entities: Find M, Juraj Somorovsky, Riccardo Focardi, Bodo Möller, Bibliography, Romain Bardou, SSL v3.0, Cao, Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi, Andy Adams-Moran, F. Vercauteren, Vitaly Shmatikov, Attack, Javier Hernando, Moti Yung, Cédric Fournet, Nigel P. Smart, Cryptographic, Tim Güneysu, Appendix A. An, Coherent Josephson Qubit Suitable, RFC2246, Boer, Riivo Talviste, Carl Friedrich Gauss, Joseph Louis Lagrange, F(hi, Antoon Bosselaers, R. Barends, Ulrich Pöschl, Ronny Wichers Schreur, Tomáš Rosa, N. Oskov, Xiaoyun Wnag, A. Wigderson, Mario Strasser, Jesper Buus Nielsen, Neal Harris, Keller, Vj, ↵|2, Yehuda Lindell, Böck, Adam Langley, Camellia, J. K. Zinzindohoue, SSYM’04, Clemens Hlauschek, Simpler, Jens Hermans, Tor Helleseth, Christine Priplata, Lai, Coppersmith, Roger M. Needham, Yin, Vincent Rijmen, Colin D. 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The, HTTP, Algebraic, Ninjas, Berlin Heidelberg, Less Than a Second, Heidelberg, HH, Netherlands, Kipnis, EUROCRYPT
  • 2018-01-25T06:51:36Z
    • IKP: Turning a PKI Around with Decentralized Automated Incentives Stephanos Matsumoto Carnegie Mellon University/ETH Zurich Raphael M. Reischuk ETH Zurich Abstract—Despite a great deal of work to improve the TLS PKI, CA misbehavior continues to occ
    Entities: G. Markham, Namecoin, A. Langley, J. A. Kroll, C. Blockchain-, S. Fahl, R. Regarding, D. Levin, S. Matsumoto, S. Huang, a+, M. K. Reiter, E. Topalovic, L. Zhang, M. J. Freedman, S. Farrell, S. Santesson, D. Niggebrugge, E. Shi, W. Tome, Update Threshold, Fig, A. Mirian, S. G. Stubblebine, F. Zhang, E. G. Sirer, S. Boeyen, M. Marlinspike, Y. Strub, C. Cremers, J. Wettink, M. D. Ryan, E. Kasper, M. Bailey, K} Fig, S. Somogyi, D. Malinowski, R. C. Merkle, Adversary Model, ” Bitcoin Wiki, C. Lai, E. J. Gallego Arias, C. Dwork, B. Ford, Maverick Woo, R. Event, Decentralized Autonomous Organi-, CaaI, M. Smith, R. Sasse, G. Medvinsky, Karma PKI, H. Perl, E. W. Felten, D. Choffnes, ρ−, P. Szala-, D. Velicanu, P. Hoffman, CA, H. Asghari, B. Maggs, L. Gasser, B. Saeta, A. Eijdenberg, X. van Pelt, RSA, Contents, K. Strooy, S. Kumar, A. Mitchell, G. Barthe, R. Housley, R. Shea, Valid From, CIRT, M. Larson, A. Juels, A. Kosba, R. Sleevi, R. Austein, J. Schlyter, S. Rose, A. Blankstein, Blockstack, M. Naor, M. J. Freedman, Proc, N. Gailly, R. Prins, M. S. Melara, Y. Sompolinsky, HPKP, A. Zohar, D. McCullagh, J. A. Halderman, VIII, CA registration, Bitcoin, C. Scenario, C. Jentzsch, D. G. Andersen, B. C. Neuman, I. Tamas, C. Fromknecht, Verif, Table I., K. Croman, Bryan Parno, A. M. Arnbak, E. Cecchetti, Script, C. Papamanthou, Y. Liu, CONCLUSIONS, C. Preventing, A. Perrig, Town Crier, Hashcash, E. W. Felten, E. Rescorla, A. Roth, C. Evans, J. Clark, B. Laurie, E. Heilman, T. Perrin, D. Wendlandt, C. Jackson, L. Chuat, D. I. Wolinsky, A. Kendler, Blockchains, N. Percoco, N. A. N. M. van Eijk, J. Hsu, J. Nelson, XII, Z. Wen, A. Miller, S. Goldberg, A. Narayanan, A. Ronen, I. Bentov, M. Ali, C. Wilson, Standard SSL, V. Gligor, M. Gaboardi, L. Mazurek, M. J. G. van Eeten, H. Hoogstraaten, H(C‖s, Revocation Transparency, Keys, R. Kouprie, C. Palmer, Issuer CA, I. Eyal, secp256k1, Y. Z. Hu, D. S. Wallach, N. Nisan, S. Dziembowski, Domains, D. Massey, B. Adversary Model, S. A. Crosby, Bitcoin Script, R. M. Reischuk, G. Wood, Virgil Gligor, J. Kim, S. Yakoubov, E. Syta, P. Szalachowski , DCPs, Standard SSL, J. Bonneau, Merkle, ATC, Incentives Insurance Schemes Conclusions, The Transport Layer Security, USENIX Annual Technical Conference, Compensation of, v3, RPS, CT, Combining, update.html, StartCom, Andrychowicz, Operations, EVM, the Subject Public Key Info, D., 20] J. Bonneau, the Subject Name, C misbe-, F. Groenewegen, Secure Site Wildcard, DAO, D 7:, IdenTrust, al., C., DOMAIN CERTIFICATE, the RP, C, Reaction Policy (RP), CA authority, certificates.html, RP, Ethereum, tD., Algorithm 1, Asseco, Perspectives, D,, DER, rC, C 3, ≥, Section XI, Certcoin, Microsoft, Amount, Table IV, CA Registry, Communications Security, Reaction Policy (RP, HTTPS, UTC, SP, WWW, CA, CA Balance, Domain Name System, AKI, DETECTOR, Equation 5, Equation, DNSSEC, Pre, TABLE IV, THE CERTIFICATE, Issuer, Blockchain Research, T. H, IMC, ITU, SSH, GlobalSign DomainSSL, Sections IV, Data Security, Distributed Security Symposium (NDSS, Section VI, RP Registry, Reaction Program, DOMAIN, FC, ” Cryptology ePrint Archive,, 2017, S. Moorrees, Google, USENIX Annual Technical Conference, OPERATIONS, DCPD, ROI for, CDF, NSF Grant DGS1252522, PKI en-, DigiNotar, A. Schulman, PKI, DIFFERENT SCENARIOS, HTTP, “Accountable Key Infrastructure, E. Mills, Certum, CA Public, TLS, C,, Checker Program, CONIKS, the TLS PKI, −m+, ” ACM Transactions on Information and System Security, Sovereign Keys, THE IKP AUTHORITY, Bentov, 21] J. Bonneau, D, Advances in Cryptology (CRYPTO ’91, DNS, ICANN, Script, Report, D. Mazières, P. Pols, Deutsche Telekom, Algorithmic, CCS,, Version Number, Create RP, Valid, DCPS, ”, BITCOIN, ACM SIGSAC Conference on Computer and Communications Security, Nakamoto, DCP Registry, Transactions, XOR, Reaction Programs, NDSS, Carnegie Mellon University, UTC Version Number, Comodo-Fraud-Incident-2011-03-23.html, Reaction Policies, Terminate, R., the Ethereum Virtual Machine, Domain Certificate Policies, the World Wide Web: HTTPS, USD, IKP, CA R, S&P, ROI, TLSA, Introduction, ACM SIGSAC Conference on Computer and Communications Security, RP Reaction, Symantec, SSL/TLS, D. Heppener, ” RFC, ≤, CA C, IKP Authority, ACM, D’s DCP, CA mis-, ” Advances in Cryptology (CRYPTO ’87, CA B], C’s, DHT, Automatic, Bootstrap, StartCom Org, Censys, Certificate Transparency, Equation 5, Let’s, Payout, RPLD, Update, C misbehaving, RFC, Domain Name, Equation 2, OID,, Yahoo, Lowest-Risk, Disincentives, BER , Iran, T. Polk, D. Boneh, Mar., DCPs, China, D F, 000, Turkey, A. Mis-, Privacy, M. Andrychowicz, CA, P. Arends, Block Block Block, Comodo, Execute, Fig, US, Solidity, C., RP←, K. Nayak, D’s, Preventing, D REPRESENTS, C, Adrian,, Encrypt, RP, Ethereum, RPLD, XI, Kademlia, Efficient, CR, L.-S. Huang, PKI, 139–, France, A. Sapirshtein, the Ethereum VM, Expire, Starfield, rC
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    OBPP Bitcoin Wallet Privacy Rating Report 2nd Edition - March 2016.pdf
    Entities: Petty, Samourai Walla, Android, Myaccoum, Fred, Featuring, New „mm, BLOCKCHAIN, Copay, Jameson Lopp, Wei, Mm, Pavmentimm am, Peter Todd, 14 GreenAddress, Ammo, Confirmations 11/21/13, Bitcoin, Multibit HD, ETC, Bllcoln Address s, Emm Tx, Amount, Max, Questionnaire Responses, 28.32, Jim Burton, NBAOOASWOD, Addresses, Privacy Rankings, Dark Wallet, x/ Vou, - Gathering, myTrezor, Will Pangman, Andreas Schildbach, Additionally, mm MM, Kevin Aleman, iOS, St lth, Bilcoin Wallel, ©, Drlmaru, Wiki, I. Exit, Eric, My Wallet, mm, Libbitcoin, Wallet mm, SatoshiLabs, Trezor, BuFay, Yank Heip, Darkwallet, Aside, HID-1.10000, Tim Lee, Recewe, ham, Esm, OBPP Bitcoin, Ledger, Since, Blockchain, ArcBit, vWaller, 13tTvECF, Thankfully, ComCovp Wauex, \abe\ Flller, Bitcoin-Qt 7 Darkwallet 8 ArcBit 9 Samourai 10, Mycelium TOTAL, Gabe Higgins, Tu, BIP-44, Alon Muroch, Kristov Atlas OBPP, Chris Pacia, LocalBitcoins, AMOUNT, Engear, Wallet, Momo, Stephanie Murphy, Electrum, ’)!‘1’1‚1nn‚1fi, Donatrons Donatron, Multiple, Jun, Stash Crypto, Sergio Demian, ”, 450on, Bitcoin-Qt, Wallets, mm ETC, Hive, Myacmunl, Someone, Miner Fee, Whit J, Sendmg, Comvanv Wauet, Graphic, SPOnSOrS, Lawrence, Olivier Lalonde Kristov Atlas, Samuel Patterson, Culnbass, Browser, Martin Sip Testing, Windows Phone , USD, M ‘, HD, MultiBit HD, Android, Breadwallet, Bitcoin-Qt Core, USD Wallet, TOTAL, BIP-47, 08:10pm, ERequested, Antonopoulos, XT, The company, USB, GUI, Copay, Bitcoin Core, Dumm—, °, Simplified, &yfingeafcblw, Confirmations, mbhd-74dee9d9—29643((4~d60bb4c0»366d89d6-5902:b9a, Contacts, OF CLICKS/TAPS, Vlew, Mycelium, Bitcoin, Contacts 6, Label Callhuck URL, Amount, Local Trader, Allnzoo & G BALANCE TRANSACTIONS, Browser) & 1.1.0 (Firmware) Supported Platforms, Hierarchical Deterministic, rAnK BitGo, Google, - Collaboration, Armory, First Test, nP-Mfi, GitHub, 323/15, Accounts, users’, The myTrezor, Creme New Address, LUXSTACK Armory, French, Home Charta Btals Markets AP‘, EucmnAddresses Recumnngnaacuons Reports Hlsmry Merchams, iOS, the Hive OSX, rAnK, Mycelium’s Android, Details, Bitcoin Core’s, Airbitz, Samourai, BitPay, Febvuavy, Additionally, Armory, Topics, S, SatoshiLabs, Havenaub‘e, Darkwallet, BIP-69, Lonngerm Savlngs, BitGo, Lonngerm Savings Move, Money Impon/Expon, CoinShuffle, L50 000 - USD 0.95 Peers, Bitpay, Kristov Atlas, Bitcoin exchange, Wallet Reviews, uf & 400.06 sun &, the company’s, cornDL, Recipient Address, Private, Linux, mum,-, Chrome, OBPP, FEEDBACK, OtG, Wallet, Ledger and Trezor Electrum, ECDH, Along, BOOK, Improvements, Inu-un, Why-y, Balance, ° Receiving, Pockets, Bacca LaurentMT, & nic, Generate New Aduress, Uncon, address(es, Coinbase, 2A23¢AM Food, u»-, Justus, El ETC, Supported, ”, OSX, Name Address Balance, II'ZI, Donalion, BIP-62, _-„(mw, PIN, Bitcoin Wallet, Prevention of, CoinJoin, WALLET, Wallet Move, vC, Hive, Hilcoin Wallcl, TREZOR, PHYSICAL, BTC Design, GreenAddress, Users, rAnK Greenaddress, Payto, SharedCoin, Wallet Privacy Rating Report, Tails Electrum, ra, Encrypted 17.77392, BitcOin PRivacy PROjEct, rAnK Mycelium , BitGo, Recewe, PrIvACY, Vault, Android, Tor, iPhones, DONOTHummym, Silicon valley, Blockchain, BitcoinJ, the Open Bitcoin Privacy Project, Wadi, 0.1, Refund, °, Jaco de Beer rassah, Monthly, Tails, 10:04pm, Request, Mycelium, Innen, US, the Android, BIP-69, Amalia, Blumau, Obelisk, Mycelium BitGo Samourai Breadwallet, ECDHM, MultiBit
  • 2018-01-25T06:45:56Z
    • document 19.02.15 | ABY: Mixed-Protocol Secure Two-Party Computation | Michael Zohner | Slide 1 ABY - A Framework for Efficient Mixed-Protocol Secure Two-Party Computation Michael Zohner (TU Darmstadt) Joint work with Daniel Demmler and Thomas Schn
    Entities: Rewrite, Arithmetic, Fixed-Key, Florian Kerschbaum, IJACT 1(4, Mikkel Krøigaard, Jorge Guajardo, KSS14, – C, Immo Wehrenberg, Benny Pinkas, Axel Schröpfer, Free, Lsanu uu_u->|,nm1uescs(q1_usucs, Stefan Kögl, Joint, x1, Auctions, Yao, Stefan Katzenbeisser, Martin Franz, Daniel Demmler, Toft, Moni Naor, Stephen Tu, ABY, Marina Blanton, x*y, Inald Lagendijk, Wilko Henecka, Martin Geisler, f(x, Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi, Boolean, Silvio Micali, y)f, Ivan Damgård, Zekeriya Erkin, Paillier, Q!2£->bfl£ane9£G(2[!][91, - TASTY, Thomas Schneider, Pascal Paillier, Bob, Free XOR, Shafi Goldwasser, Andrew Chi-Chih Yao: Protocols, QJZISUCGIJI, Bit-Length, NDSS, Protocol Yao, Server, Niv Gilboa, Raphael Bost, LOL, Comparison, Paolo Gasti, cl11)2 LOL, Michael Zohner, Efficient Protocols, Circuits, Abstract, KSS14], JUI3S_£ QDZISG', Oded Goldreich, Avi Wigderson, q42c , WAN, Arithmetic, LAN, BooleanArithmetic, { USLG, i=0, Fingerprint Identification, – C, =3, TASTY, Multiplication, IO', MB, OTs, 0, i=1, q42t->bncunrcs:6(2[!][11, 24.62, ABY, STOC, Based on Composite Degree Residuosity Classes, x0, AES, Completeness, DVBWELVDJ, EC BbBIDE, - Multiplication, ZUSLG, S, CSUCG', ESORICS, DVBWZLVDL, OT, Raluca Ada Popa, EC, Paillier, NPS99, C,  Multiplication, Communication, Machine Learning Classification, Biometric Identification, ABY Development Function, Slide, Iris, 19.02.15, DGK, fllU£3S_£ QJW', CJLCHII, IIZCHE, i,1, |2CHE, IIZCHE EC, w4u, Communications Security, LOL, QJW, Encrypted Data, EFGKLT09, Scalar Multiplication, 2u9L6, QDZJSG, IIZCHE 03', Machine Learning, ACM Conference on Computer, BG11, 7 , ∑d, i=1, – C, O(n2, Costly, i,1, Assume , #Msg
  • 2018-01-25T06:45:56Z
    • document 19.02.15 | ABY: Mixed-Protocol Secure Two-Party Computation | Michael Zohner | Slide 1 ABY - A Framework for Efficient Mixed-Protocol Secure Two-Party Computation Michael Zohner (TU Darmstadt) Joint work with Daniel Demmler and Thomas Schn
    Entities: Comparison, x1, Moni Naor, Arithmetic, Rewrite, Q!2£->bfl£ane9£G(2[!][91, Jorge Guajardo, Boolean, Stephen Tu, Ivan Damgård, Fixed-Key, Joint, Avi Wigderson, Yao, IJACT 1(4, Pascal Paillier, NDSS, Server, JUI3S_£ QDZISG', QJZISUCGIJI, Wilko Henecka, q42c, Inald Lagendijk, Thomas Schneider, - TASTY, Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi, KSS14], y)f, Axel Schröpfer, Mikkel Krøigaard, Toft, Free, f(x, Andrew Chi-Chih Yao: Protocols, Paillier, Bit-Length, Martin Geisler, Lsanu uu_u->|,nm1uescs(q1_usucs, Abstract, x*y, Marina Blanton, Daniel Demmler, Oded Goldreich, Stefan Katzenbeisser, Shafi Goldwasser, – C, Circuits, Silvio Micali, Efficient Protocols, Immo Wehrenberg, ABY, Florian Kerschbaum, cl11)2 LOL, Free XOR, LOL, Raphael Bost, Zekeriya Erkin, Michael Zohner, Stefan Kögl, KSS14, Benny Pinkas, Niv Gilboa, Auctions, Martin Franz, Paolo Gasti, Bob, Protocol Yao , |2CHE, S, EFGKLT09, C, IIZCHE 03', Arithmetic, w4u, BG11, =3, MB, WAN, Encrypted Data, DVBWELVDJ, Raluca Ada Popa, OTs, 7, QJW, CSUCG', EC BbBIDE, ZUSLG, i,1, q42t->bncunrcs:6(2[!][11, 19.02.15, Machine Learning Classification, DGK, Biometric Identification, Completeness, IIZCHE EC, Fingerprint Identification, ABY Development Function, EC, Paillier, NPS99, 24.62, Communications Security, DVBWZLVDL, Multiplication, Slide, fllU£3S_£ QJW', – C, BooleanArithmetic, i=1, ABY, IIZCHE, QDZJSG, Machine Learning, x0, 0, CJLCHII, Iris, LOL, ESORICS, Scalar Multiplication, TASTY, Based on Composite Degree Residuosity Classes, IO', { USLG,  Multiplication, ACM Conference on Computer, LAN, 2u9L6, i=0, STOC, OT, - Multiplication, AES, Communication , Costly, i,1, ∑d, O(n2, – C, Assume, i=1 , #Msg

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